Valmont Academy

Valmont Academy was founded in 1978 as Valley Montessori School. Valley Montessori School was started after a number of years of research, debates, discussions, and even a few arguments about the few successes and the many failures of the public school system. A system that consistently allowed children to pass through the grades without learning how to read, write, or to do simple math. Paul and Kathy Sawyer decided that they could do something about it, on a small scale, by opening a school that would provide its students with a foundation that would carry them through life.

It is our belief that Education includes three basic components:
  • The development of the child's self-esteem, his or her ability to see himself or herself as a capable and independent human being,
  • Academic Excellence
  • Nurturing Environment
Capable and Independent:
Success in school is directly related to the degree to which children believe that they are capable. It is critical that we develop within each child, a sense of responsibility, independence, and most importantly, self-esteem.

Academic Excellence:
Academic Excellence should be anchored on the essential skills needed for lifelong learning. Not only the fundamental skills of reading, writing and arithmetic, but also on the development of strong work habits and strong study habits. To enhance these skills it is extremely important to develop a dynamic sense of love and curiosity towards learning.

Caring Environment:
A caring environment enhances the students ability to pursue academic excellence. It is our mission to provide a learning environment that is nurturing, safe, warm and caring.

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